About Us


About The Company

AutoProtect Insurance Agency and Services Incorporated was established last February 26, 2015. Our goals is to provide the best Non Life Insurance Broker in the Philippines, to deliver the lowest-cost service via a one stop shop with top-brand corporate partners such as KIA, MAZDA, NISSAN, FORD, ISUZU, HYUNDAI, MITSUBISHI, TOYOTA and HONDA, and in partnership with accredited insurance agencies like FEDERAL PHOENIX, PEOPLES GENERAL INSURANCE, STANDARD INSURANCE and MERCANTILE INSURANCE. We gives you the assurance to live worry-free from the financial liabilities that may occur anywhere and anytime.

Who We Are And What We Do

AutoProtect Insurance Agency and Services Incorporated provides you peace of mind and protects you from stress and disruptive financial burdens in the event of an ccident. We have different types of insurance, such as fire, theft, and flood, to cover all types of situations that can happen. We’ll be with you every step of the way. No need to worry anymore.

To continuously provide cost-efficient assistance and insurance services, promoting excellence and giving peace of mind. AutoProtect Insurance Agency and Services Inc. serves as your guide in finding and processing Non Life Insurance that suits your lifestyle and budget.

AutoProtect Insurance Agency and Services Inc. aims to provide for our client's ever-changing needs with suitable products and services. We are guided by our commitment to do all we can with honesty and to the best of our ability.


We do have the best people who can understand your needs and will surely provide outstanding customer service. Our Team are committed in helping our clients to take responsibility with every step of your way. Our set of Professional employees are definitely reliable and trustworthy.