Motor vehicle insurance, represented by a policy also called automotive insurance , a contract by which the insurer assumes the risk of any loss to the owner or operator of a car. It may incur through damage to property or persons as the result of an accident

Motor Car Insurance Coverage

1. Bodily Injury

When you are found legally responsible for a car accident, bodily injury liability coverage is the part of your insurance policy that pays for the costs associated with injuries to the other person or people involved. This coverage also provides a legal defense in the event that you are sued for damages.

2. Property Damage

Property damage liability insurance covers the cost of damages to someone else's property after an accident you cause. Most commonly, your property damage will pay out when you are at fault for an accident that causes damage to someone else's car.

3. Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident on car insurance will provide compensation for death or injuries as a result of car accident

4. Acts Of Nature

In insurance circles, acts of God is defined as any accident or event not influenced by man. They are accidents caused by nature. Hurricanes, floods, hail, tsunamis, wildfires, earthquakes and tornados are all considered acts of God.

5. Deductible

The deductible is the amount of expenses that must be paid out of the pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses in general usage it is also called participation fee.

6. Emergency Roadside Assistance

E.R.A provides a quick and reliable help on the road, giving you access to emergency assistance in case your vehicle breaks down due to:

  • Road traffic incident
  • Acts of nature
  • Others such as mechanical, electrical, loss/damage, destruction due to fire or theft leading to vehicle immobilization.

7. Compulsory Third Party Liability

Vehicle owners are required by law to secure a compulsory third party liability insurance is a prerequisite to the registration of a motor vehicle by LTO.

Third party shall refer to any person other than a passenger as defined in the law and shall also exclude a member of the household,or a member of the family within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity of the vehicle owner,or his employee in respect to death,bodily injury,or damage to property arising out of and course of employment.